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Welcome to The Village of Blue Heron Pines

Home Owners Association Website!

The website address was selected so that you could easily remember and identify with it. This site was designed specifically for you, with all of your needs and interests in mind. This is the official site of Village of Blue Heron Pines and serves as a means to bring all neighbors together.

Please use the links above to find information on our community.

There is also contact information for each committee on the individual web pages.


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BHP HOA Calendar

What's going on this week, this month, next month?

When is Trash, Recycle, or Yard Debris Pickup?

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Blue Heron Pines Recreation Committee Upcoming Events

“FAIRWAY FAVORITES” COOKBOOK - Announcement of Planned 2nd Edition

Please contact any Committee member to purchase $10 books and $1 optional gift/shipping boxes.

The cookbooks will be available in October in time for holiday gifts.

We need your favorite recipes by August 1st.   Just contact Laurie Kennedy at 965-9503 and she will copy your recipe cards or written ones; or email recipes to

Thank you from the Cookbook Committee,

Marie Anglim  965-4920

Stephanie Glaymon  804-9775

Donna Hale-Scheuermann  804-8894

Laurie Kennedy  965-9503

Rosemary Metzen  965-6463

Kathy Schmidt  965-3478


Pool Hours

The pool will be opening on for weekends starting May 23rd, starting 11:00 am until 8:00 pm. 

The pool will be opened seven days a week starting June 18th, from 11:00 am until 8:00 pm.

Please note that children under 18 are not permitted at the clubhouse or pool without adult supervision and all residents must bring their key card with them to the pool as the lifeguard cannot provide access to the clubhouse.

Please refer to the BHP HOA Recreation Policy for pool rules (starting on page 4) via the following link: Pool Policy.


Memorial Day Memories

A great time was had by all who attended the annual Memorial Day party.  Shown below is  John Moloney leading the group in the military song medley.   


Committee News - Neighborhood Watch

The Blue Heron Pines Neighborhood Watch Team presented an award of appreciation to Police Chief Patrick Moran at the Galloway Township business meeting on May 26th. Members in attendance: John De Marco, Ron Tutunjian, Maurice Shepherd, Joe Bellwoar, Don Dreby and Bob Mueller. Donna Sheuermann also attended and represented the BHP Board of Directors. Mayor Don Purdy is also in the picture.   The award was presented to Chief Patrick Moran on the event of his retirement from the police force.


Mailbox Committee News: July is "Blue Heron Pines Wax Your Mailbox Month"! 

Let’s keep our mailboxes looking fresh.  Treat your mailbox like your car and give it a waxing this July – the neighborhood will shine with pride!


Seeking Volunteers for the US Senior Amateur Championship - September 23 - October 1 2015

Dave Goddard from Ole Hansen is appealing to the BHP community seeking volunteers for the US Senior Amateur Championship to be contested at Hidden Creek Golf Club in Egg Harbor Township, NJ from September 23 - October 1 2015.  Over 350 volunteers are needed in total for this event, and Ole Hansen is actively seeking help from local golf clubs and community organizations like the BHP homeowners association.  All net proceeds from this event benefit the Greater Atlantic City Charities/First Tee DRIVE program.  Ole Hansen is  very excited to host this USGA National Championship and sincerely hopes that the BHP community will want to join in the fun.  Please see the attached flyer for more info (Flyer).

Ron Jaworski Celebrity Golf Outing

Don Dreby was fortunate enough to be asked by Ron Jaworski to play in his Celebrity golf outing at Blue Heron Pines on June 15th.  The celebrity in Don's group was Mike Vick.  Don also got to hang out with a lot of other sports and radio Celebrities. 



Blue Heron Pines Sports Update:

More Accolades for John Valek III

Congratulations to John Valek III, grandson of John and Nadine Valek of Country Club Dr. John is a junior at the University of Akron and outstanding starting pitcher on the Akron Zip's baseball team. John was named to the College Sports Madness Mid-American All-Conference First Team. Valek wrapped up the year with a 3.25 ERA and a 6-6 record after 99.2 innings pitched.  Valek's 99.2 innings is the third-most in a single season in Akron program history and is the second-most in the MAC this year. The left-hander threw at least 7 innings in seven regular-season starts against MAC opponents and allowed no more than one earned run in five of those outings.


BHP Fisherman Ready for a New Season!

John DeMarco and Ron Tutunjian caught some nice size Blue Fish early May in the Absecon Inlet just off the Atlantic City T Jetty.  All averaged 11 lbs and were 33 inches long.  Great fight and fun to catch!

Caught in the Act!

Carlene Moloney recently captured this photo of Alan Schmidt before a day of "mail-boxing".  Thanks to Alan and his crew for the fine work being done to keep the neighborhood looking great.

Among the folks who have helped to unload the palates of mailboxes when they are delivered, then store them, and then help to get them back out when Crestview Construction comes to assemble and install them are: Jim Young, John Valeck, Ed Mauthe, Gerry and Rosie Campbell, Bill Deutsch, Bob Mueller, Don Dreby, Mike Kennedy and a few others on occasion.  Then, it's Alan Schmidt and a couple of guys from Crestview who do the assembly and installation which includes making sure the right boxes, with the right numbers go on the right posts and are put in the right place outside the right homes in BHP!  Finally there is disposal of all the old posts and the cardboard from the shipping boxes.  Wow!  What a labor intensive process - our thanks to Alan and all who have helped in the mailbox transformation to date!

The mailbox effort is finished for 2014 and as a result, all of the homes on Country Club, St. Andrews and Jupiter Court now have new mailboxes, newspaper boxes and posts and all of the Bob Meyer homes on Country Club have new flags and will soon be tightened upon their posts as well!


 BHP HOA Board Open Session Meeting Minutes -

The meeting minutes for the  July open session is provided in the following link: (Open Sessions). A reminder to the community that meeting minutes for all BHP HOA board meetings are posted to the website. Click the HOA Icon at the top of the home page, then click the link "Click here to view prior meeting minutes and notices".


Trash and Recycle Pickup Reminders

Regular household trash and recycling  are collected by Waste Management: trash collection is every Tuesday and recycling is every other Tuesday.  If you are not yet aware, the trash and recycle pickup days are identified on the BHP Event Calendar which is prominently shown at the top of the BHP HOA web site: and included within every newsflash.  If you have new neighbors, please remind them to sign up for newsflashes or provide them the link to our community web site.

Residents must use the green tote provided by WM for recycling collection.

Bulk trash and other items can be pre-paid and scheduled for collection through WM or can be taken to the ACUA on Delilah Road in EHT.  See website link for more details.


Brickman Yard Debris Services

Good news BHP neighbors!  Brickman restarted the weekly yard debris pickup.  Pickup will be every Thursday until the end of the season.

Please note the changes to last year's services below.  The following guidelines apply to the free yard waste collection service provided by The Brickman Group:

·   One biodegradable paper bag (available at hardware stores) of yard waste will be collected from each home every Thursday.  (No more trash cans of yard debris allowed)

·   Brickman will not collect tree stumps, large branches, debris containing grass clippings, trash, animal waste, or planting pots.

·   Any debris that does not meet these criteria will not be collected. 

·   Residents can dispose of additional debris at the Galloway Road Convenience Center Wednesday through Saturday from  8 AM to 2:30 PM.  See website links for more details:

For any yard services Contact Brian at Brickman: 609-561-1452 to schedule service, select option 4.

BHP Highway Cleanup Crew!

As committee leader Alan Schmidt always says, "no matter how much we pick up, the stuff just keeps coming back!"  Thanks to the dedicated volunteer teamwork of the BHP Cleanup Crew, the roadways around our community remain as clean as possible as we battle society's unfortunate ability to litter in a beautiful area without feeling guilty.  Below you will find a few photos of some of the Friday and Saturday Crew, lead by Alan with incredible support from his wife Kathy.  New volunteers are always welcomed to join.  Check the BHP Calendar for the next clean-up dates.

Friday Crew: Jim Young, Joe Martelli, Alan Schmidt, Gene McCann, John Valek, Allan Sciscio, Joyce Bailey, Herb Cunitz (Kathy Schmidt taking photo!).  Also, there have been many others who have supported on Fridays not shown here and we sincerely thank them.

Saturday Crew: Jay McCoog, Jim Young, Alan Schmidt, Margaret Martelli, Joe Martelli, Bill Miles, Kathy Schmidt, Rae Smith, and Bob Smith.  Also, there have been many others who have supported on Saturdays not shown here and we thank them also.

On a recent Friday/Saturday trash pickup, an unimaginable amount of litter was picked up by the crew.  Can you imagine what our surrounding areas would look like if the crew did not tackle this problem on a monthly basis!  Thanks to Alan and Kathy Schmidt for keeping the crew together and remaining active and dedicated to our community.

BHP Neighbors Recognize Alan and Kathy Schmidt

On Saturday March 14, 2015, the BHP Highway Cleanup Team celebrated the 10 year anniversary of highway cleanup crew, and presented to Alan and Kathy Schmidt an award of appreciation and gift certificate in recognition of their 10 years of committed service to our BHP Community.  Thanks to all who contributed to make this event possible.


Galloway Police Alert to the Community

From Galloway Police, PTL. Carolyn Buckley: "You may have read in the paper that we have been having many vehicles broken into overnight in Galloway.  These cars were unlocked in every call that we handled, so although there haven't been any burglaries to motor vehicles in the Blue Heron Pines neighborhood, it is just a friendly reminder to all that everyone should make sure that their vehicles are secured every night and that valuables are not left in plain sight.”

BHP Committee Web Page Updates -

Thanks to John Demarco and the Neighborhood Watch Committee for working with Jay McCoog to update their web page on the BHP HOA Web site.  Click here to see their updates and to get a copy of the updated Block Captain Phone Tree.

  The Neighborhood Watch Committee welcomes John Skoll and Joe Bellwoar to the team!

All other committees who desire an update to their web page please contact Jay McCoog at

BHP HOA Updated Recreation Facility Policy -

The updated Recreation Policy is provided in the following link: Recreation Policy.  The BHP HOA Board added explicit language prohibiting the purchase or rental of cable TV programming on the Clubhouse television.

Message from DiLucia Property Management:

Sign up for Paperless Billing and Online Account Access!

In an effort to reduce costs and environmental impact DiLucia Management is encouraging all residents to enroll in paperless billing and online account access through  You will receive monthly email notices containing your invoice and the newsletter and have access to your account history 24/7.  Please email Cynthia at to sign-up. 


Press Release - Weather Disaster Preparedness!

Attention Neighbors, BHP resident Dolores McElhatton who works for Atlantic County Gov't as a part time librarian at the Egg Harbor City Branch received the following information that may be beneficial to all.

County Resources Help Residents Prepare for Snow/Ice, Heat, Hurricanes and More

Residents are urged to take this opportunity to check and replenish disaster supply kits, create and/or review family emergency plans including preparations for pets, review evacuation routes and locate contact information for their municipal emergency management offices. All of this information and more is available on the county’s emergency information and resource website at

Residents and individuals with properties or businesses in Atlantic County are also strongly encouraged to register with the county’s Community Notification System. Introduced in 2008 the system originally provided emergency alerts to landline telephone numbers only. Since then the system has been upgraded to include cell phone numbers and Voice Over Internet Protocols (VOIP) for those who choose to register them. The system currently includes 205,344 numbers from the Verizon phone system’s 9-1-1 database as well as 6,500 self-registered numbers. The Community Notification System can accommodate a primary and secondary phone number (i.e. home and cell) as well as two email addresses per account.

Residents who are registered through the Atlantic County Community Notification System can also receive direct alerts from the National Weather Service to their cell phones. This important feature helps to keep the public aware of potentially dangerous weather conditions, such as severe heat or storm activity, regardless of time of day or location.

BHP HOA Facebook Page!

“Like” us on FACEBOOK! – BHP HOA has a new Facebook page for updates and community info.  Search Blue Heron Pines Homeowners Association.



BHP Pet Policy

In accordance with safety requirements, common courtesy, community restrictions, and township ordinances, dogs and pets may not run freely throughout the community.  It is essential that each homeowner provide for acceptable containment and restraint of pets within the confines of their own property.

All dogs and pets must be kept leashed and under control when exercising in the common areas of the community and should not be permitted to trespass on private property.

Please always pick up after your pets ! Animal waste contains high concentration of bacteria and disease causing microorganisms that can cause health concerns. Galloway Township requires homeowners to immediately and properly dispose of their pets solid waste from any public or private property. All dog walkers must dispose of their dogs waste (have plastic bag ready) since walking paths (sidewalks) are on public and private property. Dog walkers who use the BHP sidewalks should not allow their pets to urinate or defecate on your neighbors lawns or the grass strip between the sidewalk and the street. Please curb your dogs, or your back yards. The grass strip between the sidewalk and street is maintained by the landscape company and is part of your neighbors lawns. No animals shall be allowed to run loose at any time and owners must keep their subject property free and clear of any waste generated by the animal. Fines will be assessed to homeowners in violation of this policy.

The number of household pets (dogs and/or cats) cannot exceed two (2). 


Upcoming Birthdays!

Thomas Gant                                 7/27

Alan Gaffin                                    7/29

Doris Tucker                                  8/2

David West                                     8/3

John Valek                                     8/4

Patti Middleton                              8/5

Ben Willitts                                     8/8

Dorothy Jackson                            8/11

Diane Dreby                                   8/13

Kathleen Wilkins                           8/13

Edith Bloom                                   8/17

Gerry Campbell                             8/21

Carolyn DeMarco                          8/22

Neil Moloney                                  8/26

Bill Miles                                         8/27

Kathie Carlsen                               8/28



Upcoming Anniversaries!

Al & Doreen Kimmel                               7/29

Ron & Linda Tutunjian                          8/2

Jeff & Eileen Luma                                  8/2

Alan & Kathy Schmidt                            8/6

Jim & Patti Schultz                                  8/8

Ron & Edith Bloom                                 8/9

Tom & Claire Kuhar                               8/11

Ken & Elaine Lemanski                          8/12

Phil & Trudy Ellmore                              8/18

Jack & Betty Sheridan                             8/19

Dave & Faith Brintzinghoffer                 8/27




Your special day not shown here in the time frame shown? Send your birthday and other special wishes to 

Names of former BHP residents shown here?  Please notify Jay McCoog at 


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